First Fall Meeting!

Hey everyone, we’re excited to start the new fall semester and have set a date for our first meeting.  We will be discussing the workshops and events that we’d like to present this semester and welcome creative input from any and all members.  Interested in getting to know other pagans on campus? Stop on by! Detailed information can be found under the “General Meetings” tab.

When: Wednesday, 9/12 at 4:00 pm

Where: UWM Golda Meir Library, West-Wing, Room W164


Spring semester…

Hello again!

We’ve been dormant for a bit while we recuperated from hosting the Witches’ Ball and all of the logistics entailed therein.  We are looking to rework the meeting times for the group as many people are not available on Friday afternoons.  If you’re interested in meeting with the group and perhaps scheduling some social nights or topic-themed evenings to discuss and learn more about the many facets and paths in paganism, please send a reply or private message about your availability!  So far we’re leaning towards an early afternoon meeting on Thursdays but we need to hear back from our members on how that day/time would work with their schedules.

Anyways, we’re up and running again so don’t hesitate to post or send your questions or thoughts our way!

Our Witches’ Ball…

Hello all,

Just writing up a brief note on how our first major fall event went this past Saturday.  There was a good turn out for this brand new event and everyone who attended seemed to be having a great time meeting new friends and catching up with old accquaintences.  Our workshop presenters did a wonderful job engaging the audiences and facilitating group discussions on such topics as “Metaphysical Shielding: Interactive,” “The Goddess Hekate,” “Trance Journeying,” “History of Samhain,” and “Perceptions vs. Reality: Paganism and Witchcraft.”

Our raffle and bake sale were great successes and really helped raise money for our student group.  I want to give a big thanks again to all of the local shops and individuals who donated items for this cause!

A Samhain ritual was graciously led by Rev. Peter  and Rev. Brenda of the Northern Lakes Temple.  It was a special treat to be able to participate in this observance as Rev. Peter and Rev. Brenda provided a warm and welcoming ritual environment within which to celebrate this holiday.

Now to discuss the dance…I filled in at the last moment for DJ Whimsy due to his family emergency.  That being said, he is one awesome DJ and he agreed to let me borrow his equipment and provide the music for our dance.  He and I have been friends for some time now, and he’s given me a lot of mentoring on how to be a great DJ.  I received a lot of positive feedback from the crowd on the music selection, and I will include a playlist for any interested people in this post.  If you have the opportunity to come and celebrate with us next year, please do so!  Any questions about the PSF Witches’ Ball? Just ask!

Witches’ Ball Dance Playlist (not in actual order of play)

Pagan/Heathen/Misc. Songs

Artist                                      Song(s)

Hagalaz Runedance            Seeker Divine; Wake Skadi

The Moors                            The Snake That Coils Within; Dve Nevesti

Gamarna                              Euchari

Gjallarhorn                            Suvetar

Hedningarna                         Brother; Raven

Eivør Pálsdóttir                    Trollabundin (Tyler, I think this is one you asked about)

Faun                                     Satyros

SJ Tucker                             Firebird’s Child

Faith and the Muse              Arianrhod


Siouxsie and the Banshees  Cities in the Dust; Spellbound

The Crüxshadows                Cruelty; Deception

Helium Vola                           Selig

E Nomine                              Vater Unser

The Dreamside                    Spin Moon Magic; Open Your Eyes

Sisters of Mercy                   Temple of Love

Collide                                  Wings of Steel

Gossamer                            Hollow Eyes, Hollow Soul

Pulcher Femina                   Obsession

Blutengel                              Angels of the Dark

Qntal                                    Ecce Gratum

Concrete Blonde                 Bloodletting

Gil Scott-Heron                    Me and the Devil


Hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do!




Hello, All!

The aim of creating a blog for the PSF group will be to give a forum for people to engage with one another, create and post their ideas, and share information with one another in a format that is more adapted to lengthier postings.  You will also be able to check the blog for any updates on PSF events, workshops, and meetings and use the comment box to ask any questions you may want to pose to the wider group.  If you would like to be added to the list of individuals whom can create new posts on this blog, just contact the admin and we’ll get you set up.

Thanks! We look forward to hearing your thoughts!